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Our Packages

  • 2 hr

    499 US dollars

  • 4 hr

    699 US dollars

  • 6 hr

    899 US dollars

How many hours is best for you?

2 hours

Having our 360 photobooth for 2 hours is great for smaller events & get togethers. Maybe a birthday in a backyard or family dinner with extra entertainment! This is perfect for any occasion around 50 people. 

4 hours

4 hours with the 360 photobooth is the sweet spot for almost any occasion! This time frame allows every guest to get a video on the platform without being rushed. This is the most popular service, perfect for an amount of 100+ attendees.

6 - 8
hours +

Now we're talking! Having our 360 photobooth for 6 hours or more is for the bigger, grand events or parties. Perfect for weddings, company events, school events or even birthday parties on the larger side. This service is best if you are expecting a ton of guests & plan on entertaining them the whole time! Guest can easily come back multiple times throughout the timeframe.

Looking for custom hours?

  • While least amount of hours per booking is 2 hours

If you need us for 3 hours, 7 hours or 8 hours+ we can make it happen!  Just send us an email, text or a call!
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